What makes your products better?

The entire line of Attraction Cosmetics Products are made from the finest ingredients that nature and science have to offer. These are professional products made available to retail customers, in smart and simple packaging.

Are your products safe for sensitive skin?

These formulations have been used for the past 28 years. Wehave not experienced any with sensitive skin who cannot wear Attraction Cosmetics.

Do you have Lipsticks that look natural?

Yes we do! Our most natural hues are those found in the nude and deep nude lipstick color groups. All other colors when applied properly, bring out your own kind of beautiful.

What color groups would I choose if I want my lips to look soft?

While there are soft hues in most of the color groups, there are more soft Colors in the Berries, Corals, and Nudes color groups.

What colors would I choose if I want a more powerful look?

Choose colors from the true red, wine, and Bricks Color groups.